About Us

Cool Cousin is the easiest and funnest (it’s a word) way to find unique places you’ll love in cities around the world.

It’s pretty simple – connect with locals who share your interests — aka Cousins — and get a map of their favorite city spots and personalized advice about how to spend your time and your dime in their town.

With Cool Cousin, you’re just two finger taps away from getting good recommendations from someone you can trust, avoiding wasted hours navigating through too much information online. When you have a Cool Cousin, FOMO is NOMO (yes, we have copywriting skills and we’re not afraid to use them).

You know what else we’ve wiped off the map? Multinational chain stores. No, it’s not a bug — we encourage our cousins to recommend local and family owned businesses to strengthen creators in cities big and small. If you want your H&M and Primark fix, we’re cool with that, but if a store has more than 3 branches in a city, it won’t appear in a Cool Cousin map. You could call us the Robin Hood of travel apps.

So, all you urban cats who love your city and love sharing your knowledge with others, Cool Cousin is the best possible way to represent your hometown, shout out to your favorite businesses, influence thousands of people and save poor souls from yet one more miserable tourist trap. Does this sound like you? Become a cousin.

Click here to download the iOS app – now live in 16 cities around the world. If you don’t have an iPhone, we’re sorry for you, but don’t let that bring you down, we’re grinding away at a Web and Android version which will hopefully be ready sooooooon. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the best local tips, quizzes and unique GIFs directly to your inbox, like a boss.

Cool Cousin & The Gang