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Do’s and don’ts in Atlanta (Ex: Tipping: yes/no, touching strangers: yes/no, safety tips etc.):

Don't Drive - Use MARTA & Uber. Don't go to Atlantic Station. Do go to Ponce City Market. Do go to one of the super touristy options (World of Coke, Aquarium, College Football HOF). Don't go to all of them.

What are the Atlanta spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?

The BeltLine East Side trail anchored on one end with Piedmont Park and the other with Krog Street Market. Ponce City Market, New Realm Brewery, and Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall are stops along the way. You can also hop off the trail and walk into Inman Park to catch any number of restaurants, including Ford Fry's 1960s Oyster Bar, BeetleCat. Atlanta is also home to a variety of unique neighborhoods. Also check out Decatur, EAV, Virginia Highlands, Midtown, and West Midtown.

Which Atlanta shops do you hit up when you’re itching for something new?

Paris on Ponce, Ponce City Market, West Side Provisions District.

Your all-time favorite musicians:

Bob Seger, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lil Wayne, Zero 7, Ratatat, CCR, FLUME, Pretty Lights, Jimmy Buffett, Journey, The Eagles

What do you do and why do you do it?

I explore everywhere I go, from small town to major city. I love experiencing how other people live.

What’s the area in town you’ll never be caught dead in?

If you're talking about Atlanta, I would say Atlantic Station or the suburbs. I would rather find myself in a seedy or industrial part of town than some manufactured "pleasantville". I prefer authenticity and character over fabrication and congruency.

Heartbreak playlist - top 3 songs:

Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn, Harry Nilsson - Without You, Young Dro - F*ck dat B*tch

What’s the one place in Atlanta you think is underrated?


Where would you take a date for a romantic night out?

UMI Sushi in Buckhead or one of the many options in Decatur. No matter where we go, I'd want to end up at Jeni's Ice Cream!

If you had unlimited resources and one weekend in Atlanta, what would you do?

Pay for everyone's cover in the Johnny's Hideaway line and then buy the bar a round once we're inside. Go on a shopping spree in Ponce City Market. Rent out the Maison Rouge room in Paris on Ponce and throw a masquerade ball. Box seats at a Falcons or Atlanta United Game. Make it rain at the Pink Pony.

Drunk and hungry - where do you go in Atlanta?

Waffle House is THE answer. There are other options like Octopus Bar, Marcel, and Argosy that specialize in late night food, but nothing is more Atlanta than Waffle House. 24/7, 365, Breakfast All DAMN Day. It's called Waffle House, but it might as well be called Hash Brown House because that is the real speciality. I get them chunked (ham) and covered (cheese), but you can have em any way you want em!

It's freeeeezing out - what should a visitor do?

While it may be called HOTlanta for a reason, it does occasionally get cold during our 1 month long winter. If it's cold, head for a cozy spot with indoor adult games like The Painted Pin, The Painted Duck, or Ormsbys. If it happens to be snowing then get home as soon as possible! ATL shuts down at the first sign of a snowflake.

Where do you take your guest when you want to impress?

The circuit of activities on the BeltLine East Side Trail including Ponce City Market, Krog Street Market, Ladybird, and more recently New Realm Brewery. Other hot spots for guests include Antico Pizza, The Painted Pin, The Painted Duck, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

You’ve been working hard and wanna treat yourself to something nice in Atlanta - what do you do?

Umi Sushi in Buckhead followed by a night stay at the St. Regis.

Your go-to brunch spots:

West Egg, The General Muir, The Family Dog, Le Petite Marche, Murphys

Your perfect night out in Atlanta includes:

The Ivy to Johnny's Hideaway to Waffle House

Which local creators do you admire?

Greg Mike (graffiti), Preston Atteberry (graphic art), Ludacris, TI, 2 Chainz, Donald Glover

Special views that mainstream tourists don't know about:

Rooftop of Ponce City Market and New Realm Brewery.

Best place for a cheap bite on-the-go:


Tomorrow’s your last day in Atlanta. How do you spend it?

Coffee at Condesa, brunch at Le Petite, shopping and eating at Ponce City Market, walking the BeltLine, Jeni's Ice Cream at Krog Street, day drinking at Ladybird, watching a game at The Ivy, dancing at Johnny's Hideaway until 3 AM, postgaming at Waffle House.

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