Bangkok, Thailand
Jens, 50
Tourism Executive & Marketing Agency Owner
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What do you do and why do you do it?

I am travel and tourism executive and entrepreneur, working for the six tourism ministries of the Greater Mekong Subregion (Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam), and my own digital marketing agency. I love travel and tourism, and I love technology and marketing.

You’re broken hearted - what tracks does your heartbreak playlist consist of?


What are the best TV shows of all time?

Seinfeld, Game of Thrones, House of Cards

Name some spots in Bangkok that are good for a Tinder date.

Maggie Choo, Borowski, Sing Sing Theater, Iron Ferries, Borowsky Bar, Iron Balls Distillery, Chatuchak Market

Who’s your hero and where in Bangkok would you take them out for a serious hang?

J. Borowkski Mixology - because a great cocktail always bonds.

Where do you buy those fabulous clothes of yours?


What’s the area/ spot in town you’ll never be caught dead in?

Khaosan Road

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in your city that you never get to do?

Go to the Floating Market, Hang out at the Chaopraya River

What’s the most decadent / extreme dish you ever ate in Bangkok and where did you get it?


Is there a hidden bar / hole in the wall in Bangkok that you particularly like?

J. Barowski Mixology

What’s the most expensive restaurant / spa / hotel you’ve ever been to in Bangkok? How much did it cost and what did you get there?

The Siam Hotel / Suehring / Gaggan

What restaurant in Bangkok looks crap, but the food’s amazing?

Hoi-Tod Chaw-Lae Restaurant

Where can you get the best cocktail in Bangkok? Which one do you like?

J. Borwoski Mixiology

Where would you take your partner in Bangkok if you wanted to really pamper them?

Mandarin Oriental Hotel / The Siam Hotel

Which snacks can you only get in your country, and which ones do you recommend?

Tamarind Candy - nice sweet and sour taste

What’s the one place you think is overrated in Bangkok?

Siam Paragon

What’s your favorite vacation city in the world and why?

Bangkok - because you can experience anything and more!

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