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What are the Boston spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?

Beacon Hill, Boston Common, Public Garden, Fenway Park

Do’s and don’ts in Boston: (Ex: Tipping: yes/ no, public transport tips, safety tips etc.):

Do everything. Don't be closed minded. Be a music lover, and a fan of good food and drink. It's the US so definitely tip, public transportation ("The T"), is super easy. Don't be afraid to use it! For the most part pretty safe, but it's a city. Be aware of your surroundings. Don't wander alone late at night etc.

What do you do and why do you do it?

I work in Business Development. It's not the most glamorous job, but it pays the bills and allows me to travel and experience what my neighborhood and the world has to offer.

How much do you spend on an average night out on the town?

It depends. I've had nights where I spend less than $50, and other nights where I spend over $100. The city offers it all. :)

Which Boston shops do you hit up when you’re itching for something new?

SOWA in the South End is a great market May-Oct that has local artisans. Even if you don't end up buying anything, it's a great cultural experience.

Which neighborhood is it best to experience during the day / night?

Boston Common/Public Garden are great during the day (DO NOT venture into them at night. Can be dangerous.), Beacon Hill is lovely to take a stroll during the day, at night the harbor walk is beautiful. A little outside of downtown the Arnold Arboretum is great to walk through.

What’s the area in town you’ll never be caught dead in?

Faneuil Hall/Quicny Market...Ok if you're a history buff...check it out real quick...but other than that, it's a super tourist trap, restaurants are way over priced and it's just not worth it.

What’s the one place in Boston you think is underrated?

If you're wanting to experience more local culture, I'd venture to Jamaica Plain or Roslindale. Both great parts of the city on the Orange line that can make for a nice day/half day trip. There's also a lot of local small bars in downtown that are great and not as touristy (Barracuda is on my list as one)

Where would you take a date for a romantic night out?

If you have a car great, if not Uber/Lyft works well here and it's not far from the T. Sarma is probably one of the best restaurants in the Boston area. Located in Somerville (city just outside of Boston) that's on the Orange Line. If you're not wanting to leave Boston proper, Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain is amazing!

Drunk and hungry - where do you go in Boston?

Little Stevie's near Fenway is great for a late night pizza, Saus is great over by Faneuil Hall (Probably the only spot down there that's good), and if you're in the North End...Bova!! Italian bakery that is open 24/7!!

It's freeeeezing out - what should a visitor do?

You can ice skate on the frog pong in the Public Garden, or visit any of the great restaurants on my list. All will have the heat blasting and have great food and drink to keep you warm!

Where do you take your guest when you want to impress?

Ten Tables in Jamaica Pond, Sarma in Somerville, Ginger Man near Faneuil Hall (OK, so there are a few spots in the Faneuil Hall area that are OK...). Backbar in Somerville (cocktail bar). Wink and Nod, Beehive both in the South End.

Your go-to brunch spots:

Bostonia Public House, Kinsale, Beehive

Your perfect night out in Somerville includes:

Drinks, dinner and live music.

Special views that mainstream tourists don't know about:

The Mount Auburn Cemetery is actually really pretty. Especially in the Fall.

Tomorrow’s your last day in Boston. How do you spend it?

Checking out my old neighborhood in Roslindale, going to a farmers market, seeing a live band at Toad or Lizard Lounge and going to a Red Sox game.

You’re meeting the mayor of Boston - what constructive criticism would you give them?

I love my city, I wouldn't change much, but for the love of God. Please update the T! We're so behind everyone else in the country!

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