Brasilia, Brazil
Rebeca, 33
Lawyer & Social Scientist
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What do you do and why do you do it?

I'm a lawyer and a social scientist. Nowadays I work with politics and I try to mend broken hearts. I find it very interesting to deal with people and I certainly want to make this world a better place, by trying to bring some conscience to people on how we are responsible for what happens around us. This applies to love and politics, as crazy as it may sound.

You’re broken hearted - what tracks does your heartbreak playlist consist of?

Old songs from Bon Jovi, good old melodic hardcore bands from the 90's... Usually I take my guitar and try to sing something when I don't have to stop to cry...

What are the best TV shows of all time?

Breaking Bad, Girls, Better Call Saul, House of Cards, Two of a Kind, Two Broke Girls, Popular, Suits...

Name some spots in Brasilia that are good for a Tinder date.

In that situation I like to be able to talk to the person I'm getting to know, so I would suggest places like Ernesto, Marietta, Loca Como Tu Madre, Daniel Briand...

Who’s your hero and where in Brasilia would you take them out for a serious hang?

I'm a fan of Lady Gaga and I would take her to an underground party that happens from time to time in the underground of a theater, in a place called Conic. The parties there are awesome and there's a mood that makes you feel like you're in some squat in Berlin.

Where do you buy those fabulous clothes of yours?

Wear Ever, Colcci, Antix, C&A, Espaço Fashion, Schutz... I have a varied wardrobe!

What’s the area/ spot in town you’ll never be caught dead in?

A Brazilian country music concert. It bothers me so much that I don't even want to know where it takes place.

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in your city that you never get to do?

Walk from block to block looking at all stores and things, as if I was a tourist in my own city.

What’s the most decadent / extreme dish you ever ate in Brasilia and where did you get it?

Hum, maybe I can't remember or it never happened. I'm a foodie, I know where to go and I also like trying new stuff.

Where can you get the best cocktail in Brasilia? Which one do you like?

I'm a real cocktails fan! There's a fancy restaurant called Dudu Bar and their cocktails menu is really good. My favorite is Cosmopolitan.

Where would you take your partner in Brasilia if you wanted to really pamper them?

I'd take my boyfriend to Piantella, one of the most expensive and famous restaurants in town, but I never did it... Let's hope I can deal with that check soon!

Which snacks can you only get in your country, and which ones do you recommend?

Brigadeiro (sweet) and coxinha (salty) are total winners. Tapioca is also a food that I love, but it can be a little odd to visitors here in Brasil.

What’s the one place you think is overrated in Brasilia?

Na Praia.

What’s the one place you think is underrated in Brasilia?

Velvet Pub.

What are the Brasilia spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?

The Esplanada dos Ministérios. It's a very touristic ride, but if you come to Brasilia and don't see it, you'll miss the most beautiful modernist monument of the country.

Tomorrow’s your last day in Brasilia. How do you spend it?

I'd try to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends. Probably I'd throw a small party.

What’s your favorite vacation city in the world and why?

I think I have several cities I've been to and I loved: Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Havana, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Miami, São Paulo... All of those cities made me feel like I was living my life to the fullest. When I travel, I like feeling like I'm not a tourist. I like doing some alternative stuff like the locals that have the same taste as I do... Wait a minute, that's exactly what Cool Cousin is all about, right? I hope I can lead my Cousins through that experience here!

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