Johannesburg, South Africa
Mothusi, 25
Law Student & Private Pilot
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Do’s and don’ts in Johannesburg: (Ex: Tipping: yes/ no, public transport tips, safety tips etc.):

Well tipping waiters is a must as you will receive the best service, and waiters will also give you tips about your safety. Do not walk around the CBD with your expensive belongings exposed. Use the public bus service called the Rea Vaya (meaning “We are Going”). However, if you want to go between cities, the best way would be the Gautrain system; it is fast, reliable and it is rarely late for its destination or pickup. One more thing, you will meet people who offer you help in terms of directions, some seem trustworthy but that is seldom the case, so to avoid any possibility of being a robbery victim, always contact a Cousin to help you.

What do you do and why do you do it?

Since I joined University, an unplanned passion to help people and my country has slowly developed. Currently I view myself as a social entrepreneur in the making. I am a social entrepreneur because I understand I need to acquire financial freedom for my own personal life before I can be able to help other people in their lives. This strikes a balance between being in a business solely for profits and being in a business that disrupts industries due to the change it effects. I'm currently working on a white paper.

How much do you spend on an average night out on the town?

I would spend around R300-350 for a night well enjoyed. This cost would include my transport, food and drinks. This average varies as it depends on the kind of place I fancy on a particular night, sometimes I can spend as low as R200 if no transport is involved.

Which Johannesburg shops do you hit up when you’re itching for something new?

Well, Johannesburg has a lot of malls around, but a must-see is the Mall of Africa which is fairly new and has become a favorite for tourists. It is the biggest mall the city has and houses almost every retailer that is in South Africa. However, if you're looking for fashion that is exclusive to South African upcoming designers, Maboneng is the place to be. It is the part of the city which is not that busy but is very welcoming to tourists and those seeking to have a bite of local cuisine.

Your all-time favorite musicians:

I will start with Tracy Chapman, my mom use to play her music when I was young. Luciano Pavarotti, this one comes from my dad, who listened to a very wide range of music, and also led me to my other favorite, Bob Marley. The rest (in no order) include Lucky Dube, Brenda Fassie, Malaika, Eminem, Black Coffee, Ralf Gum and most recently Post Malone, Nasty C, Cassper Nyovest, AKA and Shane Eagles. This list is not exhaustive as I love all good music, but that is all I can recall at the moment.

Which neighborhood is it best to experience during the day / night?

I would give different answers for different budget limitations, Melville has got to be an all time favorite for a fun and cost-friendly experience. The best moments are those during the night, the youth-influenced community comes alive during the evenings and transforms a night into one filled with the music that offers a fantastic club experience. When the sun is up and the streets of Joburg are generally busy, Maboneng is the place to be. It is no surprise it's termed a "tourist favorite", it boasts a number of great restaurants.

What’s the area in town you’ll never be caught dead in?

Definitely Hillbrow - notorious for being home to the most feared criminals in South Africa. This place is also home to petty criminals due to the buildings in the area being hijacked by criminals. Passing through is okay, but it's not advised especially during the night.

Drunk and hungry - where do you go in Johannesburg?

Straight to a barbecue or as we call it a "Shisanyama" which refers to a place that serves braai meat. These type of places are scattered across the city. Now there is a restaurant-style franchise that offers this kind of food. One of them is in town and I have added it to my map. It's best to be here because you can get food which includes a lot of meat and you can still have a single beer to avoid a hangover.

Where do you take your guest when you want to impress?

A few years ago my answer would have been Sandton, however due to another nearby place which has proven itself, my view is different. Currently Rosebank is the place to be, it's young, vibrant and crawls with millennials and the so-called cool kids society. Okay, so the reason I would want to impress with this place is due to the general luxurious atmosphere created by the upmarket offerings in the area; it offers Italian restaurants, international brands hardly found elsewhere in Johannesburg and you get to see the luxurious cars such as Lamborghinis on a normal basis.

Best place for a cheap bite on-the-go:

Mid town, this is the food prepared by street hawkers, which is cheap and usually very tasty. These kind of hawkers are usually found around taxi ranks, as taxi drivers are their primary target market. Heading into mid town alone is not recommended. Additionally, do not ever flaunt your expensive or even basic gadgets or luxuries.

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