Lisbon, Portugal
Frederico, 47
Social Entrepreneur
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a bit about Frederico

What are you working on these days?

I created a non profit in 2007 named Terra dos Sonhos (Portuguese for “Land of Dreams”) dedicated to increase and promote emotional health in sick and needing children, namely trough fulfilling their wildest dreams. I’m chairman of the latter but I now dedicate most of my time to developing, promoting, training and consulting projects focused on creating impact in people’s life. It’s my passion – to help anyone who wants to change the world to really do it.

What drives you mad these days?

Dishonesty, because I can’t conceive anyone needing to hide anything from others. Maybe they are hiding from themselves. The inability to compromise with others and with goals other than your own’s. These days people seem to think everyone owes them and then they just do whatever they feel like doing without thinking about the consequences. I really don’t like people who spend their lives more focused in themselves than in others . I believe we have the quest to be our best version and we should definitely do our best in order to make that happen.

What makes you happy?

Watching talent come true. Running near the river Tagus and being grateful for the wonderful country and city I was born in. Laughing out loud with friends. Seeing goodness in action. Caring. Being taken care of. Crying with someone I love by my side. Gratefulness. Touching a hot bread in the morning and smelling the mixed flavors in the air. Reading a good book and being transported into someone’s mind and heart. Feeling that I could help someone to make a significant change in other people’s lives. Families thorn apart who manage to get it all running again. Love. Life. Living. And Lisbon, of course.

When was the last time you cried?

Visiting 'Muito Muito', a design shop in Lisbon Not that long ago. A love story, of course. One which I really believed would work and be magical. It wasn’t a very easy one, once we were both challenging the status quo because of our age difference. It’s so intriguing how people think that love has to come in little boxes of preconceived forms and shapes, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s over and we have to move on. Actually we are good friends and we keep in touch. I guess that love has also the wonderful capacity of surviving in different contexts and in different ways. Loving is living and living is loving, right?

What’s your latest musical obsession?

Sigur Ros, Naragonia, Yann Tiersen, Patrick Watson, Benjamin Clementine and lots of Brazilian music and jazz. My mother was a singer in Portugal so I grew up with music in my veins. I sort of like every kind of music and I vary depending on my state of mind. When I’m working and I need to relax I hear a good soft jazz or a classical piece. I also like to dance so when I go out I like to feel the beats and just let myself go. Music is my wing man in my hardest moments and my best friend in the good ones.

What was the last movie you watched? Was it any good?

The last movie I saw was “Finding Neverland”. I am not actually concerned about giving the last review on the most recent movies on the market but mostly about giving you guys a perspective on the movies that make me think and move me. This one has a special meaning to me because I believe that the greatest need in our society is to connect with our inner child,

When it’s time for a new wardrobe, where do you go?

Having Lunca at A Praca restaurant I don’t really care that much about shopping and maybe that is the reason why I don’t care that much about stores or fashion brands. Not that I don’t like to look good. Who doesn’t? But I think we can do it without thinking too much about it and just feel whatever clothes suits you. I am not the best guy to give you fashion advice. But I sure know where you can find easy-to-wear and coherent stuff.

What’s your go-to café in Lisbon?

I always had a lot of different tribes I wandered about. And that also means different spots and places to meet up. For different reasons. But here are some of the more emblematic ones: Adamastor (Santa Catarina) – for the view and proximity to Bairro Alto; The bar “O Parque” – because it’s really cool; Restaurant “Estado de Alma” – because it’s really nearby the place where I work and it has really nice tapas, the service is great and you can taste really good wines.

What’s your favorite street or neighborhood to wander through?

Definitely Chiado. But also Alcântara (Lx Factory) and Castelo. The reasons are more or less the same. I feel that those are the places where you can feel Lisbon at it’s best and also meet up with friends all the time. I don’t remember one time when I wandered about those spots and I didn’t cross with some friend or I just made some cool new friendships. If I had to select one it would be Chiado, for its diversity and “movida” – you can always find something new there.

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in Lisbon but never actually do?

Just wandering about in the city and keeping up to all the new places that are bursting. We are a nation of entrepreneurs who are used to making the best of what we have. We are also a creative bunch of people. Therefore it is very difficult (though Portugal has a small population) to stay updated on everything that is new. And I just love to feel the achievements of my people.

Who’s your hero (dead or alive) and where would you take them to show them a good time?

Once again, I have several. But one of them is Agostinho da Silva, a Portuguese contemporary philosopher who has already gone. I would take him around a circuit of Portuguese “Tascas” and just would let him talk with people and learn. He has two of the personality traces I most appreciate – he was humble and a visionary in love with his country and people. It’s incredible how simplicity gives you the most macro view of everything.

If it’s been raining outside for days and you’re sick of staying in – where would you go?

Having an apretivo at Sucolento, one of Frederico's favorite spots Rain has never stopped me. But if it would I would go to a place where I could just feel the nostalgia and enjoy a good glass of wine. That place would be a spot I know. I don’t know if I can tell you, Wait – I’m supposed to share! ok. I would go to Altis Belém covered Terrace and have a drink watching my beloved Tagus.

What’s that place in Lisbon you feel like only you know about?

This is a really good sharing moment. As you can imagine we all have secret and special spots in our lives and places where we live. In my case I would have to say it is a little small bookshop in Lx Factory in Alcântara named Ler Devagar. A unique spot with so many stories to tell. I used to go there every day after work and that was the place where I wrote my most deep texts. A very special spot in the company of myself and so many authors that never left me alone.

If tomorrow was your last day in Lisbon before you left for good, how and where would you spend it?

I would just go to a beach in Costa da Caparica or for a walk by the river at sunset. The waters (emotions) and light of Lisbon are just unique.

Given the choice, mayor of which neighborhood would you be?

Alcântara – simple people and the place where all the Portuguese discoveries were born.

What’s the spot in Lisbon you wouldn’t be caught dead in?

Expo – although it is a good demonstration of what spirits and determination can do to a place that was once forgotten by everyone, I never go there.

You’ve just received the best news ever. Where would you go to celebrate and with whom?

With all my good friends from every sector and on a boat rented from my good friend Tomás Costa Lima. “Water X” has the most wonderful boats and experiences. And a unique opportunity to celebrate with my city just taking a glance at what beautiful Lisbon has to give you

What’s the thing you love doing that isn’t work, relationship or family related?

Writing. It’s my favorite way of expression and introspection. If I could I would only do that. As Confucius put it – do something that you love and you never will have to work one day in your life.

When you feel like a night out, what’s your go-to place and why?

Any place that gives you a good wine experience in a cosy environment. Wine and friends – is there a better recipe?

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