London, United Kingdom
Barrie, 41
Drinks Brand Consultant
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What are you working on these days?

Right now I am importing some hidden alcoholic gems into the country. Little small boutique brands that no-one has heard of but that we feel passionate about. One is a Swedish vodka called Virtuous – organic, no additives, no sugar, just smoothness.

What drives you mad these days?

Probably a bit of an obvious one, but just rudeness and a lack of manners. For example, I noticed a big difference when I moved to London; when you are getting onto a tube or a train, or just walking in the street, you should be courteous, let someone get out in front of you…but people just don’t do that, they push past.

What makes you happy?

A couple of things. Spending time with family is great. But also pandas. Just looking at pandas; they just make me happy. They’re so naughty, and stupid.

When was the last time you cried?

Probably at a reality TV show when I was really hungover. Something like The Voice.

What is currently playing in repeat on your earphones?

Always something different! But right now, I’m listening to a lot of Aretha Franklin.

What was the last movie you watched? Was it any good?

Triple 9. It was really good – it’s got Woody Harrelson. You can’t go wrong with him.

When it’s time for a new wardrobe, where do you go?

Always Reiss. But recently, I’ve started going to Kestin Hare – he’s a Scottish designer. He’s got a couple of shops in London. Reiss is for staples, though.

What’s your go-to café in London?

Bar Termini – Old Compton st. Its a perfect location for meetings and coffee, if you are meeting in the afternoon you can also substitute the coffee for a Martini.

What’s your favorite street or neighborhood to wander through?

Primrose Hill. Trying to look through people’s windows, just to see how the other half live.

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in London but never actually do?

Go to gigs! That’s one thing that I need to get much, much better at. We’re surrounded by music. I last went four years ago.

Who’s your hero (dead or alive) and where would you take them to show them a good time?

Maradona the footballer (he’s my hero), and I would take him to The Box. He’s my favourite footballer – he had hurdles to overcome, but he was the most natural footballer.

If it’s been raining outside for days and you’re sick of staying in – where would you go?

This one is tricky because I’m never sick of staying at home. I would definitely go to Bristol, just jump on the train, spend time with some various family and eat all their food.

What’s that place in London you feel like only you know about?

Market Restaurant. It’s quite hidden, and no-one I know (foodies etc.) comes here or knows about it. It’s quite a hidden spot for me.

If tomorrow was your last day in London before you left for good, how and where would you spend it?

I’d go to Borough Market during the day, eat lots of food, drink some wine (definitely Italian), and then I would definitely end up at The Box nightclub…with Maradona.

Given the choice, mayor of which neighborhood would you be?

This is one that me and a couple of friends have talked about. We want to set up a place called ‘Cooltown’. It’s a neighbourhood where someone would be the butcher, someone would open a bar etc. I’d like to be mayor.

What’s the spot in London you wouldn’t be caught dead in?

Any Nandos or any KFC/McDonalds…there’s just so many.

You’ve just received the best news ever. Where would you go to celebrate and with whom?

Obviously it’d definitely be with my wife, and we’d go to somewhere like Happiness Forgets — I proposed to her there, so we have great memories.

What’s the thing you love doing that isn’t work, relationship or family related?

Watching golf. I find it really relaxing and I used to do it with my dad when I was young.

When you feel like a night out, what’s your go-to place and why?

We usually meet in Quo Vadis, have a drink, get the conversation over with, and then go somewhere crazy.

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