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Video Editor
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What do you do and why do you do it?

I'm a video editor. I love editing. It's such an important part of any movie or show, and a good editor can make or break a film. It's about finding a creative and compelling way to arrange your shots and tell a story.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had and why was it so effing bad?

In college I bartended at a small family owned restaurant back in North Carolina. The owners were so rude and made me come in at 8am on Sunday's even though I couldn't legally serve alcohol until noon. One time I was talking to a waitress away from the bar when all the shelves of alcohol behind the bar just collapsed and shattered everywhere. They hadn't even been properly bolted to the wall, and could have really hurt me had I been behind the bar at the time. I quit shortly after that.

Were you born and raised in Los Angeles? If not, where did you grow up and what brought you to Los Angeles?

I grew up just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, but moved to Los Angeles after I finished college to work in the film industry.

What’s your current hood in Los Angeles and what’s the best/worst thing about it?

Hollywood. Best, you don't need a car to get around; everything is walkable and there's a metro. Worst, there's no parking and not enough trash cans!

What kind of music do you listen to and what kind of music do you absolutely HATE?

I love rock, jazz, & EDM. Haven’t ever been able to get into rap

You’re broken hearted - what tracks does your heartbreak playlist consist of?

Just to see you smile by Tim McGraw

Name the best TV shows of all time, and what makes them so good?

The Office. Need I say more?

Name some spots in Los Angeles that are good for a Tinder date.

Player One, Black Rabbit Rose, The Prince, The One Up

Which public figure would you want to see “roasted”? (every public figure is fair game).

Kanye West

Who’s your hero and where in Los Angeles would you take them out for a serious hang?

Natalie Portman. If I hang out with her, will her awesomeness rub off on me? I'd pack a picnic and we'd go to Malibu Wines for some serious hang time, then we'd hit El Matador Beach.

Where do you buy those fabulous clothes of yours?

"The Shop" on Melrose. Also love All Saints and Showpo.

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in your city that you never get to do?

Go to the beach! I hardly ever make it there even though it's so close.

Where do you go in Los Angeles for a casual night out?

The Woods is my go-to neighborhood dive bar. The Residency cocktail bar above Fin is my other chill hang out spot.

Where would you go in Los Angeles to celebrate some freaking good news?

Round up a group of friends and get tacos and margaritas at El Coyote!

What’s your choice of transportation in Los Angeles and why?

The metro trains if I can, otherwise Lyft or Uber. Parking is such a hassle, I try to avoid driving at all costs unless I know they have a parking lot where I'm going.

What are the Los Angeles spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?

Skip touristy Rodeo Drive, you can't afford to shop there unless you're Beyonce. Head to Melrose Ave to see where the locals shop

What are the Los Angeles spots tourists should run from screaming?

There is no bigger tourist trap than Hollywood Boulevard. Maybe skip it during the day and come out at night. Some of the best bars and clubs are hidden just off the walk of fame, so come out for a drink and see the boulevard after all the screaming kids and tourists leave for the day.

Tomorrow’s your last day in Los Angeles. How do you spend it?

Crying, because I never want to leave. I'd spend it with friends, maybe get Korean BBQ and hit our favorite neighborhood dive bars after.

What’s your favorite vacation city in the world and why?

Tel Aviv. Maybe the only other place I'd consider living other than LA. It's another big warm city on the beach with amazing food and nightlife. I just absolutely love it there.

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