Los Angeles, United States
Dafna, 31
Yoga buff, former retail manager
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What do you do and why do you do it?

Back in the days, living in TLV I was a manager of a retail fashion store, called "Story". It was real fun, working with fav brands and nice people. Before that I was a planner in advertising, and I worked in the first neighborhood in TLV, Neve-Tzedek (check it out if you're around!). Moved Here with the love of my life, Yahel (we call each other "Kiwi") for a job offer he got. I'm not working in the mo, just enjoying the city, meeting new friends, volunteering and practicing a lot of yoga.

You’re broken hearted - what tracks does your heartbreak playlist consist of?

Tracy Chapman, Sam Smith, Beatles. Adele's saved for the worst times.

What are the best TV shows of all time?

Game of thrones!!!

Name some spots in Los Angeles that are good for a Tinder date.

I think take her/him for a day date down at Abbot Kinney BLVD in Venice. There you can grab some cool NY style pizza if you prefer standing (cheap date anybody?) or the fancier one that stands across, both great. Then grab dessert at Salt&Straw, they have to scream for ice cream. You can eat, window shopping (or real shopping, the shops are great) and talk, walking down the BLVD. If things go well you can continue to the High Rooftop Lounge in Erwin Hotel, for a romantic finish in front of a nice sunset by muscle beach with a drink.  

Who’s your hero and where in Los Angeles would you take them out for a serious hang?

I think that my hero for the moment is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, cause that girl is the bomb !!! And I will take her to Universal Studios and really feel like i'm living in a movie!

Where do you buy those fabulous clothes of yours?

Here in Cali "Free People" is my favorite brand. I found their style working perfectly here and I know they have quality clothing from experience back home. My dream place to shop is "Wild Style" down on Melrose Ave, it's like the coolest shop with the freshest brands. Just a bit off budget...

What’s the area/ spot in town you’ll never be caught dead in?

Hollywood Walk of Fame, to many Spidermen for my taste.

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in your city that you never get to do?

Go watch the sunset on a nice scenery down on Mulholland Drive, the view of the city is breath taking but i'm always to lazy to go.

What’s the most decadent / extreme dish you ever ate in Los Angeles and where did you get it?

OMG the lamb Chops in Carlitos Gardel. It's a family owned Argentine Steakhouse, Godfather romantic environment and with some of the best cuts on bones I've ever had. Lamb Chops are off menu but were the night's special last couple of times I went. You should order Malbec to go with it. The budget answer- Went wild "In and Out" style: They Have special request you can ask for, off menu. I ordered Double-Double (extra patty extra cheese), with onion (basically it's a massive onion ring), mustard grilled in addition to their original spread. On the side came the fries, Animal Style (topped with cheese, spread, and grilled onions), oh my.

Is there a hidden bar / hole in the wall in Los Angeles that you particularly like?

"Love Adorned" store on Main street, Santa Monica has an amazing garden. If you get a chance to walk by go inside and continue to their Cacti and succulents wall outside. It's such a sight! And the shop is amazing too, selling jewelry, accessories and interiors.

What’s the most expensive restaurant / spa / hotel you’ve ever been to in Los Angeles? How much did it cost and what did you get there?

The most expensive restaurant I went to was Carlitos Gardel on Melrose Ave. We ordered the Ojo DE Costilla Con Hueso (Prime Bone-In Ribeye for two), the Prime New York Sirloin and Lamb Chops. With Malbec, appetizers, desserts and most importantly- their coffee, the meal cost around 200 $ per one, but it was worth it!

What restaurant in Los Angeles looks crap, but the food’s amazing?

Paradise Biryani Pointe, Topanga Cyn BLVD, Canoga Park, looks not too inviting. Maybe it looks like just another Indian place, but it is not the case. After being invited to this place by our neighbors one night, we fell in love. Service is a bit slow, but nice and food is great. Don't miss out their Malai Kofta with some Butter Nan on the side. I drank the king of good times, Kingfisher beer, but they have some other Indian kinds too.

Where can you get the best cocktail in Los Angeles? Which one do you like?

I started to go to the Woodley Proper down in Ventura BLVD in Encino. Cool new bar with fine cocktails. Loved the Staycation (Rum with coconut, kaffir, basil, lime and pineapple) but everything looks great. The place is open till 2AM which is great too.

Where would you take your partner in Los Angeles if you wanted to really pamper them?

I would start with a couple's massage at home, and order it through the Zeel app. They provide on demand massages by well reviewed professionals. We would enjoy wine we brought from our trip to the wine county near Santa Barbara before and after the massage. Then we will continue to dinner at Toca Madera- a nice sophisticated restaurant with great food and atmosphere. There's also a hot bar area to continue dinner with some nice Taquilla.

Which snacks can you only get in your country, and which ones do you recommend?

Tortilla Chips just taste better here, and we like the Mission's round ones. Goldfishes are really nice here and you can look for the mini packages that look like milk cartons, they're so cute! Also look for the dark chocolate M&M's if you want to break the salt with some sweets.

What’s the one place you think is overrated in Los Angeles?

The Hollywood sign. When I got there I felt less moved than I expected. The drive up there was pretty nice though, drove through Hollywood Hills and saw some unique expensive looking houses, probably with some celebrities living in them too. And the view from up there was amazing (ignoring all the sign selfie taking tourists).

What’s the one place you think is underrated in Los Angeles?

Not underrated... But I don't think many people think about going to a stand-up comedy show while they're in LA. For me it's so much better than back home. I went to The Comedy Store in Hollywood with some friends on a Friday and it was hilarious. The show had a lot of great talents performing back to back. You can see at first who's going to perform, but they have a lot of surprise star guests too. Try it! It's free entrance and the minimum is 2 drinks, no biggy.

What are the Los Angeles spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?

The Getty Center, Santa Monica Pier, Abbot Kinney, Mulholland Drive and the Griffith Observatory.

Tomorrow’s your last day in Los Angeles. How do you spend it?

I'll start with a yoga session in Forward Fold, Encino, Followed by breakfast at Joan’s on Third (It's really on 3rd street). Then I'll go for a stroll down on Santa Monica Pier and do the iconic Ferris wheel while enjoying the ocean view. Maybe I'll go down the beach too, it's so nice out there. After all that I'll probably go gift shopping (because I'm not responsible enough to to do it before the last day) on Main street. On that street i'll eat light lunch at Urth Caffe. 5 o'clock drinks will be served on The Rooftop of The Standard hotel, Down Town. After a great sunset, sushi for dinner at Sugarfish, best and fresh, in D town too!

What’s your favorite vacation city in the world and why?

Let me start with saying I'm more of a big city vacation kind of girl. I have to choose Berlin, Germany. Every time I'm there everything is just right, goes with the flow and it's all fun and games. From doing picnics and strolling around their beautiful parks (looking after old monuments and exploring), going out to crazy clubs like the Berghain, and shopping for the coolest vintage clothing, you can't get enough of it. Street are wide and you have plenty to see. I say take Airbnb in Kreuzberg or Neukölln and commute with their train, easy peasy.

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