New York, United States
Jami, 43
Eccentric and theater goer!
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What are the New York spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?

The Staten Island ferry (see the Statue of Liberty from the water and its free!), The 9/11 Memorial, Top of the Rock, Times Square, The Highline, B.A.M., the Museum of the Moving Image

Which New York shops do you hit up when you’re itching for something new?

Macy's, Top Shop, H&M

Your all-time favorite musicians:

Lady Gaga, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Alice Keys, Above and Beyond, Adele, Musical Soundracks

What do you do and why do you do it?

Theater: ITS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the area in town you’ll never be caught dead in?

Williamsburg, lol

Heartbreak playlist - top 3 songs:

When we Were Young, Fighter, Send in the Clowns

What’s the one place in New York you think is underrated?

Alphabet City

Where would you take a date for a romantic night out?

A walk along the Highline at night

If you had unlimited resources and one weekend in New York, what would you do?

After seeing Hamilton (and as many other shows as possible) I'd eat at Morimoto's, have ice cream at the Big Gay Ice cream shop, take a helicopter ride over the city, book a private viewing at the Guggenheim, go to the tippy top (the vip section) of the Empire State Building, have tea at the Plaza, Steak dinner at Peter Luger's, take the tram over the East River....there's probably more but you asked for a weekend, lol.

Drunk and hungry - where do you go in New York?

Halal Guys!!! no question, multiple locations!

It's freeeeezing out - what should a visitor do?

Museums, Broadway, Imax movies

Where do you take your guest when you want to impress?

The Russian Tea Room

You’ve been working hard and wanna treat yourself to something nice in New York - what do you do?

Go shopping at Bergdorf's

Your go-to brunch spots:

Most any place in the LES is gonna have a go to brunch spot with unlimited drinks

Your perfect night out in New York includes:

dinner, theater and drinks!

Which local creators do you admire?

Jennifer Sullivan, Alicia Keys, The Beastie Boys, Basquiat

Best place for a cheap bite on-the-go:

Look for the food carts, check Time Out for the latest and greatest

Tomorrow’s your last day in New York. How do you spend it?

I think I'd get in a cab and just spend all day driving around my beautiful city.

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