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Kira, 26
Fresh Outta College
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What are you working on these days?

FINALLY getting my Bachelor’s degree from The New School, daydreaming of new businesses to start, and staring at puppies.

What drives you mad these days?

A Good kind of mad, right? Sushi! Always. That doesn’t need an explanation.

What makes you happy?

Cinnamon, and people who can talk about themselves well. To have goals is one thing, but to be able to talk about them confidently is hard to pull off without sounding like a dick.

When was the last time you cried?

I ate a jalapeno at the Belfrey last Friday and got emotional.

What’s your latest musical obsession?

“Heartlines” by Broods.

What was the last movie you watched? Was it any good?

A little late on this, but Short Term 12 was incredible. I wish it had gotten more publicity when it came out. It would make most people uncomfortable, but I don’t think anyone would dislike it.

When it’s time for a new wardrobe, where do you go?

Los Angeles! The vintage markets there are beautiful and decently priced. I was there for three weeks and must have rifled through thousands of hanging garments. I couldn’t stop. I would pull off to the side of the road and be late for a lot of things. It was worth it.

What’s your go-to café in New-York City?

Tie between Earth Cafe on 97th and Broadway and Edgar’s Cafe on 91st and Amsterdam. Edgar’s is modelled after the cottage where Poe wrote The Raven, on 84th St.

What’s your favorite street or neighborhood to wander through?

The Washington Mews!

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in New-York City but never actually do?

See new plays!

Who’s your hero (dead or alive) and where would you take them to show them a good time?

I pretty much worship Sophia Amoruso, of Nasty Gal and #Girlboss. I think I would be too nervous to eat if I met her. She has three dogs and is from California, and I don’t know how to be that cool. So I guess the Boat Basin Cafe on 79th would be the best spot. It’s right on the water and is good for long day-drinking. It gets a little crowded on weekends but never obnoxious. I love looking down and seeing runners, bikers, kayakers. I can avoid the hectic-ness city for a few moments.

If it’s been raining outside for days and you’re sick of staying in – where would you go?

Barcade – you can people watch and no one will think anything of it or notice. Or, you know, be just normal and play pinball…

What’s that place in New-York City you feel like only you know about?

No one ever talks about the waterfall in Morningside Park. I can walk there from my apartment. It’s absolutely beautiful and has a lot of space to relax and spend time hanging out.

If tomorrow was your last day in New-York City before you left for good, how and where would you spend it?

Oooooo. I guess I would walk all over Manhattan and not stop. Start all the way at the top and loop around. Go to S’Mac because comfort food. Find someone with roof access. The Red Steps in Times Square early in the morning is something else too, while no one is there. It’s magical to be still in a place like that.

Given the choice, mayor of which neighborhood would you be?

Can I say Central Park? No one avoids Central Park. And (for the most part) everyone is happy to be there and not in any rush. And there are free classes! I love that the paths are never straight and were designed to get you lost and out of your head.

What’s the spot in New-York City you wouldn’t be caught dead in?

The uptown 6 train at rush hour.

What’s the thing you love doing that isn’t work, relationship or family related?

Reading. Someone lent me An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin recently. I haven’t let myself browse Strand in months because I have too many piled up at home. #dorkgirlanswer?

When you feel like a night out, what’s your go-to place and why?

In the summer the Standard is a good place to start early. It’s really laid-back and good to meet up with people, and meet new people.

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