Portland, OR, United States
Chris, 37
Creative Entrepreneur
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a bit about Chris

What do you do and why do you do it?

I am a podcast host, actor/model, and creative entrepreneur who really enjoys the outdoors. My professions are directly related to the way I passionately live life.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had and why was it so effing bad?

I was a financial advisor, it took away hours of my life with little to no personal value. The pay was great but it was a direct pathway to an unfulfilled life.

Were you born and raised in Portland? If not, where did you grow up and what brought you to Portland?

I grew up in Orange County California. It was a great place to grow up, next to the beach, Disney land and a 30minute drive to Los Angeles. 4 years ago I moved to Portland Oregon where the grass is greener, the trees are taller, the outdoors are amazing and the small business culture is incredibly inviting.

What’s your current hood in Portland and what’s the best/worst thing about it?

I live in inner south east Portland. A hub for small bussines and restaurants in the city. I walk to most locations including some of the best restaurants in America.

What kind of music do you listen to and what kind of music do you absolutely HATE?

I love R&B (Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, Sampha, Solange, Bobby Womack) and ambient post rock music (Coastlands, Sigur Ros, Sleep makes waves, Mogwai). It is the perfect for long hikes in the Pacific Northwest forests and coast. I absolutely hate misogonistic music that degrades women no matter what the genre.

You’re broken hearted - what tracks does your heartbreak playlist consist of?

6lack - Ex Calling, John Legend - used to love u, Anderson .Paak - I miss that whip, Big Sean - beware, The Dream - Nikki, Drake - Too Good

Name the best TV shows of all time, and what makes them so good?

Californication - I think no other show has personified what life is like in the entertainment industry in California. The characters are well written and the story line is perfectly ridiculous.

Name some spots in Portland that are good for a Tinder date.

ohh, I feel like Portland is the perfect city to enjoy a tinder date. The restauranteurs of this city focus on their food and ambiance. Some of the best spots are Teote, Bye and Bye, Ron Toms, Le Pigeon, East Burn, Roadside attraction and Church.

Which public figure would you want to see “roasted”? (every public figure is fair game).

Paul Ryan is a bit of an asshole. Id love to see a few comedians tear into him while he sits nervously in his chair.

Who’s your hero and where in Portland would you take them out for a serious hang?

I love Anthony Bourdain, I could definitely show him the speak easies and hidden gems of Portland Oregon.

Where do you buy those fabulous clothes of yours?

Most of the clothes I wear are from my apparel company Lost 'N Portland. You can find them at LostNPortland.com or Boy's Fort in downtown Portland.

What’s the area/ spot in town you’ll never be caught dead in?

umm, none. This city has so much to offer in so many ways I would never exclude the chance of experiencing something new here.

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in your city that you never get to do?

Go for a run, its frustrating if I go a few days without going on a run here. The neighborhoods are beautiful.

Where do you go in Portland for a casual night out?

I usually go to Basecamp Brewings outdoor patio to enjoy a few drinks and share outdoor stories with friends.

Where would you go in Portland to celebrate some freaking good news?

I would probably get bottle service at NYX nightclub and celebrate with friends.

What’s your choice of transportation in Portland and why?

I love when I get the opportunity to just walk. This city has so many unique characteristics about it that you need to slow down to take it all in.

What are the Portland spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?

You should definitely go to the gorge to see waterfalls no matter the weather, if that is not a option really spend some quality time in forest park.

What are the Portland spots tourists should run from screaming?

Umm, we have a homeless population in this city. It just comes with the territory, they tend to gravitate towards old town Chinatown. If that doesn't bother you, you should definitely check out a few spots in Chinatown.

Tomorrow’s your last day in Portland. How do you spend it?

I wake up early to head out to the Columbia river gorge to spend some time by the waterfalls stopping by 7 virtues coffee shop on the way (matcha tea and the Hipster bagel sandwich). Then I head back in to town to get some food at Kim Jong Grillin' on division. I smoke a lil weed on my patio to let the food digest because I will be heading out to Le Pigeon for dinner. Then I head over to N. Williams ave to get a cocktail atI the box social to end the night perfectly.

What’s your favorite vacation city in the world and why?

I always try to plan a trip to a warmer climate during the rainy Portland winter. This year I will be traveling to Peru and I just can't wait to explore, learn the history, enjoy the food, and embrace the culture.

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