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Angela, 39
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a bit about Angela

What are you working on?

I’m a journalist and I also worked as a campaigner. Reporting and empowering people to achieve the change they want to see, telling stories of women empowerment on the media, giving international news coverage on gender issues from all around the world. Sounds a bit boring? It’s not! I’m having a lot of fun. Social change is definitely funny and challenging.

What drives you mad these days?

Machoism. And contemporary men fears. You still can find interesting people, though – human relationships are hard, but I’m lucky, however. Generally speaking, I see strong women sometimes struggling with inconsistent men who have no courage to being in a relationship with strong counterparts. Sometimes they make me so misanthropic that I can’t stand them.

What makes you happy?

Finding interesting people, stories and different places. Taking pictures, learning languages, cuddling my fluffy cats, going out with people I love, watching movies under the blankets, going to the seaside, boxing.

When was the last time you cried?

I will always deny that I cry.

What is playing in your earphones nowadays?

I need my girl by The National, Riptide by Vance Joy, Do I wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys, Razorblade by The Strokes, You’ve Got Time by Regina Spektor.

What was the last movie you went to?

Inside Out. Now I talk everyday to my personal Joy. We’re developing a very good relationship.

When it’s time for a new wardrobe, where do you go?

I hate shopping. If I have to, I go to Porta Portese – the most famous flea market in Rome or to Zara, H&M and swap parties!

What’s your go-to café in Rome?

New Age Cafè.

Where’s your favourite street or neighbourhood to wander in Rome?

The road from Largo Argentina to Trastevere. You cross the Tiber river on a bridge over Tiberina island and every time it seems to be somewhere else.

What do you LOVE to do in the city but never actually do?

Going to gallery openings and to the cinema. Never have enough time, unfortunately.

Who’s your hero and where would you take them out to eat or drink in Rome?

MacKenzie Morgan McHale McAvoy, known as “Mac”, the executive producer of the nNews division at Atlantic Cable News. Don’t tell me she’s just a character in The Newsroom. I would bring her to the Take Sushi restaurant in Viale Trastevere, one of the best Japanese restaurants in town. It would be the perfect place and the right atmosphere.

What would make a perfect day in the sun for you?

Staring at the sea.

It’s raining for days and you’re sick of staying at home – where would you go?

Boxing at the gym!

What’s a place in Rome you feel like only you know about?

I can’t really say I’m the only one who knows it, but I feel it’s still an undiscovered spot of this city – the Villini area in the Pigneto neighborhood. Start from Via Fanfulla da Lodi, the streets around it and up to Via dell’Acqua Bullicante. You can find amazing murals and people living in small houses and gardens with flowers and animals in the yards. The atmosphere is that of a small town, you can forget you’re still in the city.

If tomorrow was your last day in Rome before you left for good, how would you spend it?

In 2005 I moved from Rome to Milan. It lasted just one year since I’m too much in love with Rome. I decided to come back as soon as I could. Back then I spent my last day in downtown Rome, hanging around Largo Argentina, Campo de’ Fiori, Trastevere. I remember that I was sitting on a bench in front of the Roman ruins in Largo Argentina, looking at the perfectly clear sky and thinking I was leaving Rome for good. Weird.

If you were given a choice, mayor of which neighborhood would you be?

San Saba and Ostiense neighbourhood. This area has the right mix of real “Romanity”. People, bars, amazing spots, folklore, markets, museums.

What’s the place in Rome you’ll never be caught dead in?

The very rich, posh and haughty areas in Rome such as Parioli. It happens, sometimes, but it is too much for me.

What’s the thing you love doing that isn’t work, relationship or family related?

Boxing, taking pictures, writing, singing in the shower, dancing in the rain.

When you feel like going on a night out, what’s the first place you usually consider going to?

Definitely depends on the mood. If I feel like dancing, then a club with rock and alternative music like Ex Dogana at San Lorenzo or Angelo Mai at Terme di Caracalla. If I feel like eating I like to discover new opportunities in town so I just go out, walking around downtown is always an amazing option.

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