Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ariane, 30
Marketing Student & Finance Assistant
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What do you do and why do you do it?

Currently working at an international organization with proficiency tests in English. But studying marketing and looking for new opportunities.

Were you born and raised in Sau Paulo? If not, where did you grow up and what brought you to Sau Paulo?

I was born in Campo Grande, in the country side. At age 13 my family moved to Rio do Sul, 2h from Florianópolis. I moved to São Paulo 9 years ago to study.

What’s your current hood in Sau Paulo and what’s the best/worst thing about it?

I've lived in Bela Vista for 7 years. It's a well located neighborhood, between Paulista Ave and Vale do Anhangabaú, with many nice spots from bars to movie theaters and supermarkets, including a Samba School. Plus, easy access to different locations in the city by public transportation. I'd say the worst thing is the noise, due to the heavy traffic from 9 de Julho Ave.

What kind of music do you listen to and what kind of music do you absolutely HATE?

I listen to many different kinds of music, such as jazz, soul music, samba, chanson française, rock etc. But the one kind I really don't like is electronic music.

You’re broken hearted - what tracks does your heartbreak playlist consist of?

I usually listen to Esperanza Spalding's whole album Esperanza, which is incredible and always makes me feel better. Also, Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline, which I love for its simplicity and beautiful songs.

Name the best TV shows of all time, and what makes them so good?

Seinfeld is one of my favourites, especially because I often find myself in situations that happened in the show. Also, Frasier may be a good example of the kind of humor I like: clever and sharp.

Name some spots in Sau Paulo that are good for a Tinder date.

Caxiri is a great place, with an intimate setting and nice music, it is perfect to meet someone and have a nice conversation. They use a lot of typical ingredients from the Amazon forest and from the north region, serving regional dishes and nice classic cocktails with a special touch.

What’s the area/ spot in town you’ll never be caught dead in?

That would be Vila Olímpia. It is known for its electronic music clubs and it is a snobby neighbourhood.

Where do you go in Sau Paulo for a casual night out?

One of my favourite spots to have a drink is Boca de Ouro. It is a small cocktail bar, hidden in a calm street at Pinheiros neighbourhood. It is very affordable, drinks are excellent and the staff is friendly. Also, there is a good selection of special beers and great food. It is simple and casual, there are no tables, besides the snooker one.

Where would you go in Sau Paulo to celebrate some freaking good news?

I would definitely got to Tuju! One of the finest restaurants and bars in São Paulo. It has an outside garden, where they grow some of the ingredients used in their recipes - all organic. The cocktails are amazing, very creative and Mauricio Barbosa, the head bartender, crafts many of the ingredients used, like his own Catuaba. Plus the place is beautiful and roomy, with a minimalist interior.

What’s your choice of transportation in Sau Paulo and why?

In this sense I believe I'm very lucky, since always lived downtown, having most of my needs around and easy access to public transportation. I usually walk or take a bus/subway. If I'm short on time, I'll just take an Uber.

What are the Sau Paulo spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?

Hanging out downtown to check some of the most important buildings and areas of the city, such as Municipal Market of Sao Paulo, the overlook at the Banespa building, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Theatro Municipal and the Viaduto do Chá, São Bento Square and Vale do Anhangabaú.

What are the Sau Paulo spots tourists should run from screaming?

Paris 6 restaurant. Definitely one of the worst places to go: food is bad, drinks are terrible and it is crowded.

Tomorrow’s your last day in Sau Paulo. How do you spend it?

I would probably have breakfast at Por um Punhado de Dólares, my favourite café, hang around downtown taking photos of the beautiful historical places, visit Batman's Alley and go to Boca de Ouro for a last drink.

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