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What do you do and why do you do it?

I am working for a company, which has a mission that people see the world better. I am doing Device sales and marketing.

What are the best TV shows of all time?

Since I brought up my daughter, I began to watch "Cbeebies". I do not have time to enjoy another channel. Once I used TV to keep her eye, while I was cooking or doing household. Nowadays, I enjoy those shows "show me show me" or "Hey Dugee". Sometimes I sung along with the characters, or was attracted with their personailty. I felt those shows on Cbeebies are not stimulating, instead cozy and peaceful. That's the reason I feel better, watching them with my daughter, after I had a tough day.

Name some spots in Seoul that are good for a Tinder date.

N-seoul Tower. I met my hudsband there for a Tinder date. We met there at first, finally were married, and became a couple with a daughter. I guarantee that you may go there via cable car after sun set. We will have unforgettable data with someone. In weekend you may need to wait in a long queue. Even though, I strongly recommend cable car towards N-seoul tower is really romantic transportation for date. For us, it was good time to know each other. Thanks to N-Seoul Tower, we were fell in love with a first impression.

Where do you buy those fabulous clothes of yours?

I like Korean local SPA brand, 8 seconds. Zara or H&M is beautiful and so fashionable, but the size is not fit with me as Korean. 8 seconds is applied to Korean's tasty for fashion and body posture. If you want to see Korea fashion trend, why don't you visit 8 seconds?

What’s the most decadent / extreme dish you ever ate in Seoul and where did you get it?

I like to eat 육회탕탕이(yuk hui tang tang yee), which is mixed with sliced raw beef, octopus, pear, and egg. You may not guess how tastes it is. It's so awesome. It is kind of salad. In 광장시장 (Gwang jang market), There is a street for this dish serving restraurand. If you visit there on weekend, you will see that the street is filled with people. That may extreme dish you can challenge in Seoul, but it is deserved to do.

What’s the most expensive restaurant / spa / hotel you’ve ever been to in Seoul? How much did it cost and what did you get there?

I visited Lotte hotel buffet for weekend brunch 3 years ago. I spent about 100,000 KRW (about 10$) per person. I was satisfied with the meal, it was good place to have family dinner or birthday party.

Where can you get the best cocktail in Seoul? Which one do you like?

It's not a cocktail, but I recommend you try 막걸리 " Mak gul li", kind of rice wine. Most of Korean traditional restaurant is selling 막걸리"Mak gul li". At 월향( Wal hyang) at 한남동 (HanNamdong), you can drink 막걸리 "Mak gul li" with good food.

Which snacks can you only get in your country, and which ones do you recommend?

"hong si- 홍시" (soft persimon), you can eat only fall and winter season in Korea. it is a kind of fruit, very sweet. At some Korea traditional restaurant served it for desert. "Sik hye-식혜" is sweet beverage, made of sugar and rice. I remember my french boss loved "Sik-hye".

What’s the one place you think is overrated in Seoul?

"Tongin Market-통인시장 & Gwangjang Market-광장시장" Those two markets are always densed with tourist to taste for Korea traditional foods. For me, the food selling in those market is ordinary. There are more comfortable and clean restaunrant in seoul and Korea. If my friends want to go there on weekend, I would not let them go there.

What are the Seoul spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?

"Han river - 한강", most of all the landscape is beautiful, also you can experience amazing Korea delivery service. When you arrived at "Yeouinaru Station", there are a lot of people with food delivery service leaflet. They will give you the paper, you can see the paper and select what you want to eat. You can order Chiken, Pizza, and Chinese food on the phone. The delivery man bring warm meal for you. If you can not speak Korea, don' t worry. There are a lot of Korean to help you to order your food. They might call to the restaurant and let them know the site where you are.

Tomorrow’s your last day in Seoul. How do you spend it?

I would go tryo eat spicy seafood cooked with Korea style recipe, and shop Korean groceries. Extraordinary it is winter, I have to eat street food, Hodduk (호떡), Ddeokbokki (떡볶이), and Sundae(순대) and so on. Then I will go to eat noodles(칼국수-kalguksoo). All of those are my soul food.

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