Tel-Aviv, Israel
Eyal, 46
Stylish Consultant
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a bit about Eyal

What are you working on these days?

Programming platforms for different clients.

What drives you mad these days?

Israeli summer and empty politicians.

What makes you happy?

New inspiration.

When was the last time you cried?

My son’s 4th birthday.

What’s your latest musical obsession?


What was the last movie you watched? Was it any good?

Presenting Princess Shaw.

When it’s time for a new wardrobe, where do you go?

Waiting for the next trip abroad > and at local designers here.

What’s your go-to café in Tel-Aviv?

The Bakery by the Brasserie.

What’s your favorite street or neighborhood to wander through?

Ben Gurion Blvd, walking towards the beach at sunset.

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in Tel-Aviv but never actually do?

The Norman Hotel & Bar, one of Tel Aviv's finest boutique hotels Biking late night drunk in a beautiful summer night. Not doing that enough…

Who’s your hero (dead or alive) and where would you take them to show them a good time?

Photographer Nick Knight and we go straight to Bet Romeno

If it’s been raining outside for days and you’re sick of staying in – where would you go?

Mixing a Mint Julep cocktail at the Norman library Bar The beach! Best time to visit is on a stormy day.

What’s that place in Tel-Aviv you feel like only you know about?

The tree hideout in Gan Yaakov (a small garden in the center of Tel Aviv, hidden away from everything).

Given the choice, mayor of which neighborhood in Tel Aviv would you be?

My own, central Tel Aviv, a petite bourgeoisie with the history of a rebel.

What’s the spot in Tel-Aviv you wouldn’t be caught dead in?

Actually, I don’t have any place I can think of  that fits the profile.

You’ve just received the best news ever. Where would you go to celebrate and with whom?

Shopping at :story at the Sarona market Hotel Montefiore with my love and best friends.

What’s the thing you love doing that isn’t work, relationship or family related?

Reading books and new magazines.

When you feel like a night out, what’s your go-to place and why?

Start with Santa Katarina and roll on.

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