Venice, Italy
Giulia, 29
Accessories Designer
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a bit about Giulia

What do you do and why do you do it?

I create fabric accessories, especially bags, in my small home lab. I graduated with a fashion design degree and after some work, I realised that what I love the most is sewing and making things by myself.

What TV show is a must watch?

I have a problem with cooking shows… They grab my attention but when I really need ideas for a dinner I always look for recipes in books or on the internet.

What’s the best karaoke song of all times?

‘Acqua e sale’ by Mina and Adriano Celentano.

Which movie have you watched more than 3 times?

‘The Cider House Rules’ by Lasse Hallström.

Have you ever cried while reading a book? Which one?

‘Venuto al mondo’ by Margaret Mazzantini.

Are you a planned or a spontaneous shopper? What’s your go-to store in Venice?

Actually, I’m far too spontaneous. There’s a cosy shop called ‘L’Armadio di Coco’ in Cannaregio with antique furniture and leather sofas. I love the great selection of male and female second-hand clothing/accessories. The cute dog ‘Ettore’ makes the atmosphere warm and familiar.

What’s the one place in Venice that you’re sure only you truly appreciate?

It’s a small wooden dock on a canal in Cannaregio where I fell asleep with my boyfriend after eating too much food. We went out for dinner to the ‘Orient Experience’ restaurant that night…the food was so good that we couldn’t stop!

What’s your dream job?

In my dreams I’m a baker, making pies all day long.

What’s your favorite vacation city in the world and why?

Two years ago I went to Buenos Aires for a week and it was just crazy… It’s like ten cities in one! Mixed cultures, different architectures, huge green areas, art shows and activities to suit all tastes, amazing food, lovely people. I’m sure that I missed a lot, I will definitely be back!

Where do you go in Venice if you have two hours to kill?

A couple of hours is just the time I need to cross the canal, get to ‘Casa dei Tre Oci’ in Giudecca and enjoy the last photo exhibition.

What’s the thing you LOVE to do in Venice but never actually do?

I think the best thing to do in Venice is to just get lost. There are some areas in my city that I don’t know very well and sometimes I think I could take a few hours to find them out…but I actually never do it!

Who’s your hero and where would you take them out for a bite or a drink in Venice?

I’d have a ‘Gianduiotto’ ice-cream with whipped cream at ‘Gelateria Nico’ with Forest Gump.

What’s the place in Venice you’ll never be caught dead in?

In the typical tourist restaurants around St.Mark’s Square, be careful! They’re horrible.

Where do you and your drinking buddies meet for a casual night out in Venice?

We usually meet in places where there are several bars and clubs, like ‘Erbaria’, close to Rialto bridge, or ‘Fondamenta della Misericordia’. At the same time, it’s also very common to meet in isolated spots, like private houses or typical hidden ‘bacari’.

Where would you go in Venice to celebrate the best news EVER!?

I would make a gift to myself taking my family out for dinner to one of my favourite restaurant in Venice called ‘L’Osteria di Santa Marina’.

It’s a Saturday night and the mood is right – where do you go in Venice to party?

In Venice you won’t find real discotheques but with a bit of luck you’ll find live music in a bar somewhere. When me and my friends want to party we always have to improvise… sometimes we leave the city to reach a club in Padua or Treviso. There are often big parties in fancy palaces on the Grand Canal, especially during the Carnival and the Film Festival in September. Another great time for Venetian nightlife is the opening of ‘Biennale’ in May.

It’s your last day in Venice – how do you spend your time?

I would go to San Giorgio Island and go up in the bell tower! The view is incredible, you can see the whole city and the islands from there and it’s much cheaper and quieter than the St. Mark’s tower.

What’s the one place a first-time visitor in Venice can’t miss?

Absolutely ‘Punta della Dogana’. Go there and just sit and stare at the landscape around you.

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