It’s a match! Locals reveal the best spots for a Tinder date

Our Cousins will bring the location. You bring the charm.

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden – a beautiful garden in Dalston with a cute bar, tasty pizza, fairy lights and occasional gigs. Grab a bottle of prosecco and sit under a tree – let the atmosphere around you do the magic. Perfect in summer. Barbican Conservatory (Winter Garden) – beautiful indoor garden in a brutalist setting. A bit of a hidden gem. A great afternoon tea spot. Only open on Sundays and is perfect for that hangover date. You can also combine it with a gallery visit or a classical concert at the centre to show off how you’re all cultural and shit!

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Wow, this is hard. Do you want to hide away or go to a cool bar, because those two are not necessarily the same. I would go to NADA Bar, it’s cool yet it has a darker room inside where you can hide if you’re not certain. If you’ve met several times it’s fucking time to step up. Go hit any cool bar and see how it feels going public. If someone takes you to Kungsholmen it means he or she tries to hide you away, a so called shamedate. Ask this person to fuck off unless you’re the one trying to hide.

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For a morning date: Nabucco Tiramisu in Gracia district (for a good coffee and really good handmade cakes) For a aperitive/dinner date: La Pepita ( cool place with a good selection of wine and amazing tapas) For an elegant dinner: Igueldo Restaurante For a night date: Dr stravinsky best cocktail place(so atypical!) or Caribbean Club (best rum cocktail ever).

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Monti – I tre scalini, Monti – Piazza della Madonna, Testaccio (the market), Flaminio – “Little London”, Flaminio – Maxxi, Villa Pamphili – during the sunset, Villa Medici, The Gianicolo during the sunrise.. Sabaudia during the weekend.

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If you’re looking for somewhere classy, then I’d go for “Mee and I”, a tasty little ramen place that’s out of the way of town which has fresh noodles, some yummy stock, and my favourite char siu pork in Cambridge! If you want something a bit friendlier on the wallet, then Nanna Mexico would be my first suggestion. Yes, burritos are a bit messy, but if you can make it through the first date after embarrassing yourself as rice and beans spill everywhere, then you can make it through anything!

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Amsterdam by

Ton Ton Club. It is a little video game arcade where you can play 80s and 90s video games on big old school machines (pinball, air hockey etc.). They also serve drinks and in summer they take the machines outside (Ton Ton in de zon – Ton Ton in the sun). It’s a really fun and a little bit of a hipster atmosphere!

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Anywhere in Moda. There are nice places for coffee or drinks or places to grab a bite, it is easy to continue the night if you liked your date or the opposite, easy to run away from there by blaming public transportation.

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Ha! I’m an expert on that, which my boyfriend won’t be happy to read. Figar it great, if there’s a chance you’ll have something to talk about. Otherwise choose Die Parfümerie.

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Leblon beach. Any bar in Dias Ferreira. Bla Bla Champanheria in Barra da Tijuca.

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There are so many good speakeasies here that are loads of fun! Like Jungle Boy or Fall from grace. Or you could go to punting on the lake for a romantic little boat ride at the Royal Botanical Gardens! And since Melbourne is a huge foodie city you have loads of restaurants to choose from and rooftop bars!

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Dempsey hill, Tiong Bahru, Botanic Gardens, Keppel Island, Pulau Ubin, Chinese gardens – all those places are here waiting to amaze your significant others.

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I must admit – I have had at least 5 dates at the top of Dolores Park before sunset. It’s easy and cheap with the only thing keeping you there being a 6 pack of cider or beer, then you can call it an evening or continue the date with dinner. For more serious dates (3rd+) I love taking the Ferry to Sausalito, driving down the Coast to Devil’s Slide Bunker, going to The Richmond District to eat dumplings and shop for random items in the amazing Asian grocery stores, and anything else that is a first time experience for the other party.

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If you’re like me and don’t like crowds, search for things in the outer boroughs or even Jersey. One of the best dates I ever had was riding bikes at the Boardwalk in Jersey City. The view was splendiferous!

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Portland, OR by

The Rambler on Mississippi is great. The bar is set up in an old 1920’s bungalow and it’s filled with activities (bocce ball, pool, board games, fire pits, etc.) in case your date is off to an awkward start. Plus, they’ll even give you cocktails on Tuesdays if you’re on a tinder date. Teote, Loyal Legion, and Victoria are other good spots.

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The Ripley’s Aquarium, if it’s good enough for the Weekend and Selena Gomez, I guess its good enough. Other spots include Art Gallery of Ontario and grab crepes at Art Gallery Cafe after, Biking on Centre Island, & Cineplex VIP Movie Experience (Yonge & Dundas).

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