Locals reveal the best snacks from around the world

If “you are what you snack”, you better get your snacking right — nobody wants to be a bag of potato chips. Try out these local favorites and save yourself (and these fab spots to your map).

I recommend finding an ice cart and getting the rainbow ice. It’s a classic.

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I guess you can call McVitie’s Digestives a local snack that you don’t usually find in every other country?? But let’s talk about McVitie’s NEW Digestives THINS; they are a new, thinner version of a digestive biscuit which has its classic sweet-meal taste, a thin coat of chocolate, with a waffle-thin structure. Very irresistible; you can seriously finish an entire packet of 30 pieces in one sitting!

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For sure Churros con Chocolate…in Churrería Laietana: Nothing fancy, just good fried churros with delicious chocolate to dip them into!

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Easy Coxinha, Casquinha de siri, Bolinho de feijoada, aipim Frito and that’s just the salty ones Brigadeiro, pé de moleque, paçoca are delicious sweets. My favorites are brigadeiro and coxinha.

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There is some special Turkish Mezes. My favorites are: Kısır, Cig Kofte, Mucver, Zeyntinyagli Dolma, Humus.

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HOT DOG – although you can find hot dogs anywhere else in the world, the ones you can find in Copenhagen are special. They are delicious, and you can find them everywhere. Don’t leave Copenhagen without trying one of the local hotdogs.

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These are popular all over Scandinavia, but you have to try saltlakrits. It’s a salty-tasting liquorice flavored with ammonia. Yes, you read that right. You will love it or you will hate it, but I promise you won’t be ambivalent.

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Vegemite, Tim Tams, Pavlova, Milo, Caramello Koalas. I actually think that Sydney does Thai food better than Thailand (Thai Pothong, Newtown)

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First, “jamón serrano”, ideally “pata negra” – sorry, Italy, prosciutto can’t compete – and second the Spanish omelette (“tortilla de patatas”), a delicacy that only the ones who tasted it can vouch for the incredible mix of flavors.

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“Esquites” it’s corn with mayo, lime and chilli powder. You can buy them on the street. Chips with lime and salsa, also from the street.

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eat SABICH!! fuck falafel its overated. you have 2 epic ones in JLM one is called Ha’Sabichia or Yigal’s Sabich on Shamai street. The second one is called Aricha and its on Agrippas street.

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Haw Flakes and gem biscuits were my jam growing up. White Rabbit candy comes wrapped in rice paper so you can shove the whole thing in your mouth like the savage you want to be.

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‘Souvlaki’ and ‘gyros’, though the latter has been internationalized by now, are favorite snacks and street foods. As a more-sitting-down food, I would propose ‘patsas’.

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