A Night to Remember: 11 Wacky City Hotels

Let’s admit it, most hotel rooms are pretty damn generic. If you want your next stay at a hotel to be really special, here are a few ideas: some are fancy, some are quirky, some are super photogenic, some are weird, but all of them are unforgettable. Most importantly, they’re in cities where you’ve got Cool Cousins.

Crane Hotel Faralda, Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s a hotel on a crane. Do we need to say more? Actually, there are only 3 rooms in this alternative spot, and they look like containers turned into modern-style suites. If you suffer from fear of heights, this is not for you. Want a to-die-for Instagram pic? Try to book a night here.

Hotel Central & Café, Copenhagen, Denmark

If the saying is true and good things come in small packages, this room must be really good. Located in a wonderful cafe, this hotel has only one room and it’s tiny, but somehow has everything you need, and a little bit more. “Breakfast in Bed” was never so literal.

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

Usual vacations go like this: you get on a plane, you land in a different country, you check into a hotel. But what if the hotel was an airplane?! In “Jumbo Stay” hotel in Stockholm you can spend the night on a real jumbo jet – grounded. While the suites are pricey, there’s a dorm option that makes the cool experience available for us average people too.

The Library Hotel, New York, United states

This one is for you, book worms. What’s special about this hotel, besides the fact that it’s beautiful and has the perfect location, is it’s concept. The hotel has a collection of over 6,000 books organized according to the decimal system – each of the rooms is assigned one of the categories of the DDC and the design of the room relates to that category.

Hüttenpalast, Berlin, Germany

Based in a former vacuum-cleaner factory, this unusual place gives you the opportunity to stay in an old caravan or a wooden hut and have a picnic meal – no matter the weather outside. The creators of this unique place wanted to make “a place where people from the whole world meet and feel good. Fulfilling wishes. We want to be hosts and designers”.

One Room Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the iconic Television Tower, 230 feet high, glass-walled, this hotel has a one-of-a-kind view. The bad (and the good) thing is there’s only one room, so you’ll have to book early and keep in mind the cost is about 800 euro per night. Worth it?

St. Jerome’s The Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Love the concept of camping but too spoiled to actually sleep outdoors? Guess what, you can have the best of both worlds and have a camping experience in a hotel. This place offers a luxury-camping that takes care of all your needs – on a rooftop with a 260-degree view of the city.

Gormley’s Suite at The Beaumont, London, England

The hotel is a pretty standard 5 stars hotel, but if you want an unusual experience – book the “sculpture suite” by the artist Antony Gormley. The room, shaped like a human body, is dark, strange, and according to Gormley “At night, the shutters allow total enclosure and provide total blackout. The very subliminal levels of light allow me to sculpt darkness itself. My ambition for this work is that it should confront the monumental with the most personal, intimate experience”. Interesting.

Suite Diego Rivera at Presidente InterContinental, New Mexico, Mexico

Named after the famous Mexican artist, this suite is what our travel dreams are made of. For about 13,500$ a night, you’ll get 530m2 space on the 42nd floor, with breathtaking views of Campo Marte and the city. Start saving up.

OSTEL Hostel, Berlin, Germany

Here’s a place for those who want to time-travel back to the communist East Germany days. This budget-friendly hostel is designed with original GDR furniture that gives the most authentic communist vibe. But don’t worry, communist and all – it’s still a fairly comfortable place.

Långholmen Prison Hotel

This hotel/youth hostel located in a renovated prison that used to be active until the seventies. Nowadays, the old creepy charm is coming with a modern comfort – and the place offers dorms and private cells (or, may we say, cells). If you want to have a full experience you can also book a “prisoner for a day” activity the includes uniform and an escape attempt.

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