Who runs the world: Tips for solo females traveling in Australia

Heading Australia on your own? You go girl! Our real Aussie girls has some tips for you – ranging for sketchy neighborhoods to avoid at night to introduction of the local guy. Be prepared, and go have fun.

Sydney is relatively safe but I wouldn’t walk anywhere in the back streets at night. I’d also be careful with watching your drink – spiking does happen.

Sydney is pretty cliquey when we go out but that can change after a few drinks. I would definitely go for pubs to meet people – places like The Norfolk, Goro’s, Forrester’s on a friday night and definitely bars like Frankie’s. I’d skip the cocktail bars or anything too high end.

The Rocks can be touristy but always a safe bet to meet people. That said, I know a lot of locals who love The Rocks as well. I’d try The Palisade. You just need places with a more rowdy fun energy and people we get out of their shell.

The hardest part will be eating dinner solo as it’s pretty strange to eat out alone in Sydney – unlike New York. I guess that’s where pub meals come in 🙂

Local guys are pretty shy so you will be having to do some heavy signs for a lot of guys to speak to you. Being alone will definitely help though! That’s definitely not the case for all guys. Sydney is very multicultural so you will find that there isn’t any one rule for behaviour here.

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Sydney is pretty safe. However, it’s not really a “24-hour city”, so it can be a little unsettling traveling around late at night when there is no one around. All I would suggest is that like anywhere, exercise common sense and stick to well lit areas late at night. Sydney doesn’t have a great late night public transport system, so I also usually have a plan for how I’m going to get home before I leave. Unless you’re on a train line, an Uber or taxi is likely to be your best option!

There are lots of inner-city pubs and bars that are perfectly safe to grab a drink alone especially around Potts Point/Darlinghurst/Surry Hills (some of them feature on my map). Guys in Sydney are usually pretty well behaved and on most occasions, you can simply say that you’re not interested and they’ll leave you alone.

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It is mostly safe in the in the city of Melbourne. South /East side is better Close to the city the better.

Melbourne is generally a safe city but you have to use your common sense. After 1 AM in the morning can all get tricky. Best not to roam around by yourself especially if you have been drinking. Men are generally respectful. if you’re out late, it’s good idea to use.

During the day all over Melbourne is pretty safe. Maybe avoid Dandenong train station and St Albans but they are out in the suburbs anyway. As I said, it’s a generally safe city, just use common sense.

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I usually feel quite safe around the CBD area in Melbourne. My preference is east of Swanston Street in the CBD, especially Spring Street and the “Paris end” of town. Outside of the CBD, the inner South has some nice pockets. Chapel Street and surround on the Windsor end has lots of great places, from dive bars to hip places. I’ve frequent cafes, bars and restaurants on my own in that area and have never felt uncomfortable, even late at night. I would say it’s good to be in areas where there are lots of people around, even late at night. Laneways are cool but I wouldn’t walk around there late at night when no one else is around.

I can’t say too much about the local guys, but I generally like to chat with the bartenders.

The tram network is quite convenient in the CBD and inner suburbs. I don’t like traveling by trains here and have always felt safer traveling by tram. If taking public transport, make sure she gets a Myki card as that’s the only way to pay. There are taxis around in the busier areas. If not, you can usually catch an Uber. There is Shebah (females only) but I believe it’s more expensive.

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Try to stay away from the parklands at night, some places around the city include Musgrave Park in Southbank, Roma Street Parklands and the Botanical Gardens in the city. They tend to have minimal lighting and are quite vast so if you did need help or assistance there might not be anyone around.

If you’re heading to Fortitude Valley (Brisbane’s nightclubs district), or the Valley as it’s locally known, it does attract people from all walks of life. It’s mostly safe place as there always a lot of people around and plenty of police officers to keep things safe. However the further you head out of the main area, the fewer people there are around. Unless you know the area try to stick around Ann and Wickham streets.

There are heaps of places to go around Brisbane to meet new people. A great website to use is Meet Up where you can find a ton of local social groups where people with similar interests regularly catch up.

There always something happening around South Bank as well, it’s completely safe and loads of entertainment – you’ll be sure to meet new people here as well.

There are 3 main options for public transport in Brisbane – bus, train, and city cat. The city cat is the ferry that goes up and down the Brisbane river, which is mainly used for people living along the river. It’s great fun to ride during the day, you get to see the city from the river with the added bonus of getting to where you need to go. The downside is that it does take a bring time. The train and bus systems are also quite good, but one thing to note is that the buses usually stop running around 11.30pm (depending on the route) and trains finishing at 12.30am/1am, with both restarting around 5 am. If you were heading out for the night it’s good to pre-plan your way home if you wanted to catch public transport. But don’t fret there’s always uber and taxis as well.

All public transport systems are fitted with security cameras, however, it’s also important to be mindful of yourself and those around you during the early morning hours. Most stops will also have security or security call points if you’re ever in trouble.

Local guys in Brisbane seem to be super chill, you’ll obviously get the odd douche bag but everyone is usually super friendly. If you’re heading out and you feel like you’re being harassed by someone, just reach out to any friendly face and they’ll be sure to assist – us Brisbanites are very friendly people and will always help someone in need

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Brisbane is a very safe place for a solo female traveler, especially compared to other cities I’ve traveled to. I’ve found in other cities there are a lot of people hanging around on the streets trying to sell things to passerbys or trying to get something from you, especially women. Thankfully, Brisbane is not like this at all. The only piece of advice I would give is to use your common sense – don’t walk alone at night in parks or dark streets – but that’s applicable anywhere you go.

Australians are very friendly and if someone sees you sitting alone, there’s a good chance you won’t be alone for long. Southbank is one of the best (and safest) places to head out for dinner or to meet people for drinks, West End is trendy and has some really cool bars, so does Fortitude Valley – which is great if you want to go dancing, but after about 10 pm it turns a bit wild with young people running around on drugs. Be careful in the Valley at night!

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